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Solution de véhicule
Vehicle Windshield ETC system

Freecharge RFID Solution selon le système Real Application

Vehicle Windshield ETC system Bank Security Check solution, ticket de cryptage de sécurité

Vehicle Windshield ETC system Confidentiel documents de fichiers ID de sécurité d'autorisation

Vehicle Windshield ETC system Camion Véhicule Parking télépéage ETC trace

Vehicle Windshield ETC system station-service de gaz de transport actif piste de compteur électrique

Vehicle Windshield ETC system Liquor & vin, la sécurité des télécommunications ID Accès

Vehicle Windshield ETC system NFC impuissants LED, la gestion portable

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Solution Description
System Requirement

In order to pass every vehicle enter into a parking place or drive out from a parking place in a quick way without so many labour cost & tooking too much time in waiting line of the vehicles,  solve a lot of traffic problem in those busy cities in the world.  The system must be worked on its currently parking software management, the changes must be as few as possible.


System Background:

1) Every Entrance Has A Guard To Manual Control Gate On/Off To be Allowed Vehicle Access The Special Place.

2)Montly Customer Has A User Card To Be AlCredit


1)Chip avalable Ntag 213, F08, Icode2, untralight slix, S50, Ultralight 1V1, ST-lri2k  H3, M4QT, M4E, M5
2)Operating mode Read and write
3)Size :  customized
4)Antenna material : Aluminum or copper 
5)Tag surface material :  Customized . Like coated paper ,PP, PET etc
6) Operating temperature -25 °C to 70 °C
7) We accept customized services, like antenna design, tag surface material, color printing and TID printing .
Applications : warehouse management , asset management , facility management , metal objects management etc.

System Solution

Customized solutions regarding shape, printing, durability, adhesion, chip technology or technical functionality; Special requirements such as tamper evidence, authenticity protection, personalization, encoding, access passwords. A combination with printed solution ( bar code, clear texts, TID etc ) can be created as well.


Product ,accessories and other high-end products traceability

and security management, like windshield glass for electrical toll system, carton seal, jewellery tag,
certificate, repair tag ,certificates , bank bills, tickets etc ,product appearance and surface printing can 
be customized according to customers requires.

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